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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are many commonly asked questions regarding advice on hair care, extension care and recommended products. There are many hints and tips given for all hair types and ways to maintain your extensions so they last you longer. Click on the question of your choice to expand the information. If you require further information or need more information on something we have not covered then please contact us for further advice.

Brief history of hair extensions?
What are hair extensions?
Why use hair extensions?
What is Creative Hair's most recommended hair extension?
What are Remi Hair Extensions?
Which hair extensions are the most easiest to manage?
What does a consultation involve?
What hair extension application is right for me?
What colour hair extensions should I choose?
What types of products should I use?
How much will it cost?
What is the best way of washing my extensions?
How long will my extensions last?
Should I give my hair a rest between extensions?
Can I swin and play sports with my new extensions?
Will the extensions be to heavy for my own hair?